Taxation for Cannabis

The legal marijuana industry is booming: many states have legalized cannabis for either medical or recreational use. But, before entering this industry, one must be aware of the associated tax issues and how one can legally minimize their tax burden. To that end, this 100-minute course will cover everything about the history of this industry from a federal standpoint, potential state tax issues, the pitfalls and obstacles of representation for it, with court cases exemplifying how the IRS will consider this industry’s returns, and banking issues and the deduction under IRC Section 280E.

Jeffrey A. Schneider


Live Webinar




An Reporting Agent has the authorization to keep his clients payroll. Through Form 8655, the client authorizes the Reporting Agent to prepare Forms W-2, send Forms 940 and 941 to the IRS, as well as make deposits on behalf of the company and receive any information from the IRS related to payroll.

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Taxation for Cannabis

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